Clearly we are in living in a new strange reality.

It doesn't change how I am able to capture your family essence . 

My images come out of love and connection. I encourage you to read the Testimonial Page and the FAQ Page. Please feel free to contact me


Fall of 2020

Limited slots available.

Telluride Colorado outdoor fall sessions starting the second week in September.

Westfield NJ outdoor sessions starting the first week in November.

Over a 30 year career creating portraits, capturing love between family members is the best part of what I do. The hugs, kisses, squeezes I request you and your kids deliver to each over the course of a photo session brings JOY to both parents and kids.  It feels amazing.

ALL sessions will take place outdoors.  I wear a mask and use a 200 mm lens and I will always be at least eight feet from your family.  If it starts to rain, we continue on another day, possibly at a different outdoor location.

What you will receive:


2020 Family Sessions

Sessions last a bit more than an hour depending on ages and number of kids. I don’t stop taking images till I get what we need. Images that speak love. Dogs included of course.

You will receive:

A gallery with approximately 70 images.

*Perfected image means blemishes removed, wrinkles softened, and bra straps hidden etc.

(I am a master at virtual tummy tucks and virtual liposuction on request)

I don't make women barbie dolls, there is an art to editing.