"Not only did Joanie's amazing artistic expertise capture the intense love we felt for our new baby but she was able to perfectly capture my 2.5 year old's incredible personality through her camera. We will look at these photos for the rest of our lives and remember exactly how we felt that day. We simply could not have asked for a more perfect experience... Or more beautiful portraits." ~ Marni Shapiro

"Once in a while you come across a person who has truly found their calling, honed their artistry, and is in perfect peace with what they do. Such is the case with Joanie. We love going to her beautiful studio. My son runs around with the energy that only little boys know and through the tornado of activity, Joanie works her magic. She perfectly captures the spirit of our son’s boyish personality, the depth of our love for each other, the essence of this wonderful and fleeting time. The photographs are stunning works of art. They are so elegant, intimate, and timeless. We consider them true family heirlooms." ~Erika Bocian

"I had the privilege of being introduced to Joanie when I was pregnant with my 4th child. She turned what could have been a very chaotic afternoon into a serene scene capturing beautifully through her camera's lens me at 9 month's pregnant, and my then three children. That day in her studio, she also managed to capture the true personalities of my children and their love for one another. Those portraits now hang in my home and have a special place in my heart. When my baby boy came along just weeks later, Joanie captured him at one week old. I'll never forget how she whisperered and shushed him into a state of calm. A seasoned pro with babies, she had me place my diaper-less newborn on gorgeous blankets, seemingly unconcerned by what could happen. Thanks to Joanie, I'll never forget what life at one week looks like, as she beautifully captured tiny fingers and toes, little nose and lips and sweet face, all while my baby boy slept peacefully in a very warm room. That day, she also took a photo of severely sleep deprived me sans make-up, holding my new son and it's by far one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever had taken in my life. Her portraits are treasures, she's an artist, and her calm energy makes her a joy to work with." ~Shari Berman

"What I love about Joanie is the way she makes me feel. From the moment you walk into her studio, you feel welcomed into her world and invited to have fun. She talks to you like you're a friend, and this comfort level manifests itself in your pictures: never an awkward smile! It's obvious that Joanie's personality and warmth are her greatest assets, along with her talent. Her pictures are simply breathtaking, and I'll never forget what fun I had being photographed." ~Danielle Gorshein

"Joanie's work is incredible, to say the least. With two young children, I tend to stress weeks before our sessions. What to wear, how they will act, what if someone gets stung by a bee the day before, etc. But to my amazement our time with Joanie is calm and enjoyable. She captures my children's personalities and their love for each other in the most beautiful settings and surroundings. When people walk in to our home and see her work they are in awe. She's an artist, not a photographer. I look forward to working with her for many, many years." ~Kristin Pustylnik "I was lucky enough to work as Joanie's intern during the summer of 2012. Getting to observe Joanie as she works is truly a pleasure. Her patience and creativity work hand in hand as she lies in mud, water, grass, and blankets to capture the perfect image-- but she also taught me that nothing is perfect. The imperfection and vulnerability present in a scene make the picture interesting, realistic, and meaningful. As a photographer, Joanie is one of a kind, and her calming personality works as a paintbrush, making the necessary strokes and movements to transform a picture and a subject into a work of art." ~Rafaella Schor

"Joanie was fabulous with my toddler and newborn. She not only is an incredible artist, as you can see, but she also is able to become a part of the family as she is capturing these moments. She held my baby girl and calmed her better than I could have when she was screaming. She even got her to fall asleep! (Sadly, she doesn't do house calls at 3am, I asked!) Joanie told jokes, sang, and made my toddler laugh hysterically. Her calm and gentle approach enabled us to relax and enjoy the moment together, enabling her to capture the perfect pictures, and encouraging us to connect as a family. Capturing these precious moments is a talent, but enabling the families to create a memory together is a gift that only Joanie is lucky enough to possess." ~ Rena Shapiro "Working with Joanie exceeded my expectations! Her work exudes light, love, compassion, and connection - a direct manifestation of who Joanie is as a person and photographer. I am honored to have had her photograph me for my new professional websites." ~ Carly Goldberg